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How does the bullet proof jacket work

How does the bullet proof jacket work

At various times we see various forces including the army wearing a jacket called a bulletproof jacket to protect themselves from the enemy. It is not limited to any Army one can read modern, this jacket protects millions of people from bullets which is a boon to this human civilization even though rifle bullets can damage body parts. But the bulletproof jacket never allows the bullet to enter the body. However, the concept of a bulletproof jacket is not new. For thousands of years, people have been using different types of jackets to escape from the enemy in the battlefield, although the earlier jackets were made of iron steel and other strong materials. Because of this, the weight of those jackets was relatively high, which on one hand reduced the intensity of combat, on the other hand, the rifle bullets discovered in the course of time were able to pierce all these jackets and enter the body. On the one hand, it is impossible for soldiers to continue fighting, on the other hand, the other organs of the body are damaged in spite of blocking the bullet, I will discuss why it is damaged a little later. In this context, with the benefit of science, we have been able to create a type of bulletproof jacket that is light in weight and can be folded like a cloth as well as protects people from the piercing power of bullets, and this impossible task is achieved through an extraordinary material called KEVLAR, which Modern the bulletproof original superhero of the jacket.

Which has amazing resistance strength with good flexibility, then let's know more about this amazing life-saving bulletproof. The people of Michigan were surprised when a retired American Marine Mr. Richard A Davis shot himself to prove that his newly developed KEVLAR bulletproof jacket was more effective and advanced than any other jacket available at the time, so Mr. Given to Richard A. Davis. There is an interesting story behind the invention of the Kevlar Bullet Jacket, Richard A.Devi’s was shot twice by robbers while delivering pizza, ever since he wanted to give the police a powerful bulletproof jacket to end the free movement of robbers, thus the Kevlar based bulletproof jacket was born. Davis shot himself 190 times to demonstrate the sheer strength of his jacket, later the National Institute of Justice approved the material for use as a bulletproof jacket.

Now the question is how this flexible material is able to withstand the bullets coming from a gun, which we will explore a little later. Bulletproof jackets use several layers of Kevlar A bullet from a pistol vs Kevlar layer A bullet from a pistol usually travels at 400 meters per second. When the bullet hits the first layer of Kevlar, the bullet's speed is so high that the Kevlar fiber is unable to stop the bullet and breaks, but the bullet's speed decreases during this process. Shutter getting Thus, after several layers of Kevlar are damaged, the speed of the bullet decreases significantly, and at some point the Kevlar sheet blocks the bullet. Thus, a Kevlar bulletproof jacket saves a life. That we just created is called soft body armor. There is another type of bullet which is called hollow point to increase the wound area and effectiveness, the tip of this type of bullet is designed in such a way that the area of ​​the tip of the bullet increases when it enters the human body, thereby spreading its impact over a large area of ​​the body.

But the interesting thing is that when this type of bullet hits the Kevlar fiber due to the increased area of ​​the tip of the bullet, it pierces the Kevlar over a relatively large area, due to which the bullet loses relatively more energy to pass through each layer of Kevlar. And after crossing a few levels, the energy of the bullet is completely exhausted.Thus, layers of Kevlar can block such bullets somewhat easily. However, if fired from a rifle, what that means is that the bullet will hit at a high velocity that will be able to penetrate all layers of Kevlar. A bullet fired from a rifle usually travels at a speed of 800 meters per second, resulting in an incredible amount of energy. So what is the solution? The solution is very simple, just place a steel plate in front of the Kevlar, the strong steel plate will ensure that the bullet is not allowed to enter, you may think that this new bulletproof jacket will be very effective. Which may fit you from the outside. Although the internal organs can be damaged, because the steel plate causes the bullet to stop immediately and the bullet falls down, it means that the human body has to absorb all the energy of the bullet in a very short time, which is converted into huge energy. Now the organs of the human body are under this intense pressure, Bullet splash is another problem steel plates cannot withstand. For this reason ceramic coated plates are preferred these days, they allow bullet penetration but significantly reduce bullet speed, due to this reduction the remaining layers of Kevlar easily break the bullet. Able to stop, due to which the human body feels much less force because the whole process takes place over a long period of time, this type of jacket is called hard body armor.

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