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8 ways to make self-quarantine productive and full of fun

8 ways to make self-quarantine productive and full of fun

Quarantine is a term coined in middle ages to procure against plagues because the medicinal solutions were not advance at that time. Corona is a first pandemic that has revived this term for the whole world, sadly saying it gives a normal person, a feel of jail. Quarantine is the only solution to this pandemic unless and until the vaccine against corona comes in market. Due to disturbance in normal work routine, a lot of people think about being lazy and have found this time quite soothing to relax out of busy schedule. While the fear of outbreak of corona sometimes overpower and may even lead to worst concepts like the world is ending. Frankly saying, the world is not at that serious verge; but it can be if you quit your quarantine. Quarantine is a formalized vicinity in hospitals in which patients are kept in isolation, but self-quarantine is a precautionary measure to stay safe from misery. Staying home is a safe option but living like a sluggish sloth because you do not have deadlines any more is also fatal.

So here in this article we are going to explore the ways to make our self-quarantine super productive as well as full of fun.

Pending tasks In our lives, no matter how much effort we put in, we always have a to do list. So, quarantine is a best time to finish of the pending tasks by staying at home like laundry, an old assignment, writing of a review paper, repairing of accessories, finishing paint on a wall etc.

Create the bonding In our busy schedules of study or work, we often forget our family and roommates. Quarantine is giving you an opportunity to talk and refresh the bonding. Ask your partner to tell you about likes and dislikes. Learn to live in harmony. It’s a high time to carve love out of the misery. On a realistic note, people are finding this time quite tricky to live with their opposites under a same roof for 24/7. But, it is the finest time to resolve the conflicts and accept the difference in opinions. Read More...

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