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Social Anxiety in Teenagers And Signs of Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety in Teenagers And Signs of Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a type of anxiety that presents in social situations. While it’s normal for teenagers to often feel shy and self-conscious, if they are actively avoiding being social or are letting their anxiety rule their life, they may be suffering from social anxiety.

If you’re worried about your teenager, here’s a guide to social anxiety and how it can be overcome.

The Signs of Social Anxiety

While some level of discomfort is normal for teenagers in social situations, there are several signs that may indicate they have a social anxiety disorder:

  • Worrying about being judged or humiliating themselves
  • Fear of interacting with strangers, even in everyday situations like speaking to a shop worker
  • Physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling or blushing when interacting with others
  • Avoiding situations like birthday celebrations where they’ll be the center of attention
  • Mulling over the details of each social interaction

It can be hard to spot the signs in teenagers, as they may hide their awkwardness either through avoidance or by getting angry, so look out for the subtle signs.

Those with Social Anxiety Shouldn’t Be Forced to Socialize

If your teenager has social anxiety, the worst thing you can do is tell them to ‘get over it’ or force them into situations like parties or extracurricular activities in an attempt to get over it. However, there are some ways you can help a teenager with social anxiety. Read more...

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