Saifoor Khan

Lahore, Lahore District

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Retired Group Captain, Pak Air Force

Strategic Analysis, Inspection, Audit, Training, Contract Management, Multifaceted SCM, Deducing Polies, embodiment of SOPs, Crisis Management (Both resources; Human & material), Budgeting, Security, Safety, Innovation & Evolution, Admin, Realistic forecasting, Judiciously using means by efficient employment of ways to adaptably reach the targeted envisaged ends for creating win-win situations for all stakeholders.   


MSc Strategic Studies

MSc War Studies

War Course, Tokyo Japan

Inter Log Officers' Course, UK

International Advance Diploma in SCM (Geneva based) with ITC, UN, Mantech & Arc

Professional Log Course


Multifaceted exposures encompassing all requisites alike any true & realistic professional with positive attitude to lead, and thus create and generate success aura amongst all team members with continuous training, refinement, cohesive synergy. Leading from the front to have proactive sound planning for the basic concept of “Just-in-case”. 

What kind of projects is Saifoor Khan looking for?

Strategic analysis, devising plans, embodiment of Admin/ Supply Chain (all subdomains including Procurement, contract Management, Budgeting, etc). Human & resource crisis management, training, HSE, Capacity building / development, innovation & evolution

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