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Abdul Wahab Khan

Abdul Wahab Khan

A Professional Person with dynamic experience
Mingora, Swāt District


About Abdul Wahab Khan:

I have enough experience in Project Management/Administration/HR Management/Finance/M&E, Procurement & Logistics and Reporting with National and International Organizations.

Some of my strong points are, I possess an excellent interpersonal communication skill, proactive, frank, highly motivated and also a detail oriented person. My education, qualification and experience shall meet your requirements and I am a fast learner. I worked in different Government, Non-Governmental Organizations and completed (start to end) many projects. My area of expertise is Project Management, Monitoring & Reporting, Emergency Response, Disaster Management, Violence Prevention/Child Protection, Administration, Procurement & Logistics, HR Management, office management and Finance. Project management, Monitoring, Capacity Building of staff & Volunteers, Violence Prevention/Child Protection, social mobilization/formation of community based organizations (at village and Union Council Level), budgeting and reporting  were my main responsibilities in many of my positions. I have experience of working on Managerial level positions with National and International Organizations. I have also worked  as Project Coordinator in Kurram and North Wazirsitan in Health Projects supported by UNOCHA and lastly worked with Jhpiego Corporation (a US Based INGO) as Admin & Logistics /Operations Officer based in Swat, under the USAID supported IHSS-SD Project. Currently I am working as District Coordinator for both Charsadda & Mohmand with JSI/Contech Intl under the USAID supported IHSS-SD Project.




POSITION:                                        District Coordinator, Charsadda & Mohmand, KPK.

EMPLOYING AGENCY:                Contech International/ John Snow International (JSI) Research & Training Institute, Inc. are the public health management consulting and research organization, under IHSS-SD Project, Funded by USAID. 

ORGANIZATION TYPE:           Humanitarian & Health Consultants.

SECTOR:                                 Health.


PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT       18th January, 2022 till date.


REPORTING OFFICER:            Project Coordinator


RESPONSIBILITIES/ DUTIES PERFORMED:                           

  1. Overall in-charge of District COVID-19 Vaccination Activity under the USAID’s IHSS-SD Activity Project, and..
    1. Take Lead in establishing of 03 CVCs in allocated Districts.
    2. Establish Liaison with Deputy Commissioners & District Health Officers and participate in the daily progress briefing at DC Office on COVID-19 Vaccination. 
    3. Establish Liaison with Data Entry Operators working in allocated Districts.
    4. Provision of Furniture, Computers, ILR & Equipment to CVCs.
  2. Preparation of Micro-plans for the Social Mobilization and COVID-19 Vaccination campaigns and its monitoring.
  3. Coordinate and liaison with the Local NGOs hired for the outreach social mobilization and COVID-19 Vaccination activities.
  4. Support the NGO in the preparing of work-plan for the field activities & Micro-plans for the Covid-19 Vaccination, then monitoring all their field activities.
  5. Organize and participate in the coordination meeting with stakeholders/Government Departments & District Administration.
  6. Preparation of activity, weekly, monthly & quarterly reports both manual and through online reporting application.


POSITION:                                        Admin & Logistics/Operations Officer.

EMPLOYING AGENCY:                Jhpiego Corporation is a US based INGO (Affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University, USA), IHSS-SD Project, Funded by USAID. 

ORGANIZATION TYPE:           Humanitarian.

SECTOR:                                 Health & Capacity Building.

INTRODUCTION OF ORG:                       Jhpiego is an international Humanitarian Organization working on Health & Capacity Building in more than 150 Countries on humanitarian basis. 


PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT       July, 2019 to September, 2020.


REPORTING OFFICER:            Senior Manager Operations Pakistan at Islamabad: 


RESPONSIBILITIES/ DUTIES PERFORMED:                           

  1. Coordinate operational support in program areas for the smooth administrative/logistics support and compliance with the policies and procedures of the organization.
  2. Admin/Operational Functions (Office Management, Security, Logistics, Procurement, IT, Facilities Management, Event Management) and Liaison with Govt. NGOs and International Organizations/Donor Agencies.
  3. Organize events/trainings on different subjects alongwith hotel reservations, nominations of participants & trainers, transport arrangement and all other logistics according to the training needs.
  4. Preparation of activity, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  5. Design different reporting formats to be use in various tasks of the administration, operational and financial management.
  6. Financial Activities: (Preparation of Projects/Activity Budgets, submission of funds requests, Financial Reports (monthly, quarterly, yearly & Project End report) and Funds Reconciliation).
  7. Preparation of contracts and lease agreements with vendors (office, vehicles, supplies, etc) & Fleet/Transport Management.
  8. Oversee the Logistic Support for the various trainings, meetings/conferences and travel. 
  9. Coordination/Liaison with the project stakeholders, District Administration, Government Departments/Agencies, NGOs and INGOs on regular basis and collecting of Nominations for the trainings from the Department of Health and Population Welfare. 
  10. Attending of Meetings arranged by different NGOs, INGOs and Government departments on different subjects.
  11. Preparation and implementation of the procurement plans and inventory record.


POSITION                               Project Coordinator. 

EMPLOYING AGENCY             Joint UNOCHA and Kamore Development Welfare Organization (Revitalization of PHC Services in Kurram & NWA Agency). 

ORGANIZATION TYPE:           Humanitarian.

SECTOR:                                 Health, Emergency Response & Social Development.

INTRODUCTION OF ORG:       Kamore is a Humanitarian Organization working in Emergency Response, Health, Livelihood & Education on humanitarian basis.

PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT     August, 2016 to July, 2018. 



  1. Leading and management of the Project team as a team leader towards the project goal and objectives.
  2. Supervising Admin, Finance and Logistic Officers and their reporting.
  3. Procurement of equipments, Medicines, building materials for rehabilitation of health facilities and office supplies.
  4. Recruitment and selection of the project team members/employees.
  5. Overall supervision of Medical Officers, Technicians, LHVs, Hygiene Promoters, Pharmacist, etc, medicines, furniture & equipment supply to the target health facilities.
  6. Manage project expectations with the team members and other stakeholders. 
  7. Schedule project timelines milestones using appropriate tools/preparation of detail implementation plan (DIP) for the project activities & to track the project milestones deliverables.
  8. Supervising and Checking of Monthly & quarterly reporting of projects activities of the PMER (Project Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting) Officer. 
  9. Monitoring of the project supported Health Facilities (BHUs) in Kurram and North Waziristan Agencies/Districts. 
  10. Defined the project success criteria; disseminating them to involve parties throughout the project life cycle.
  11. Developed best practices, tools & formats for the project execution management & monitoring.
  12. Training and capacity development of the project staff.
  13. Coordination/Liaise with the project stakeholders, Districts Administration, Government Departments/Agencies, and INGOs on ongoing basis, attending meetings on behalf of the Organization and presenting them the details/updated position of the project.
  14. Security arrangements for the staff movement and mobile health activities in the field.
  15. Assessment for the new projects. 


POSITION                               Senior Coordinator (Trainings & Monitoring). 

EMPLOYING AGENCY             Joint US-AID and Relief Pakistan; Pakistan Schools Libraries Initiative (PSLI) Program, Matta Swat. . 

ORGANIZATION TYPE:           Humanitarian.

SECTOR:                                 Education & Humanitarian.

INTRODUCTION OF ORG:       Relief Pakistan is a Humanitarian Organization working in Emergency Services, Health & Education on humanitarian basis.

PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT     November, 2015 to July, 2016. 



  1. Assessment and selection of Government Schools for the project intervention.
  2. Define project scope, goals deliverables that support the project goal.
  3. Communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely clear fashion.
  4. Liaise with project stakeholders, Government Departments/Agencies, NGOs and INGOs on ongoing basis.
  5. Manage project expectations with team members and other stakeholders.
  6. Schedule project timelines milestones using appropriate tools/preparation of detail implementation plan (DIP) for the project activities.
  7. Track project milestones deliverables.
  8. Determine the frequency content of status reports from the project team; analyzing results and troubleshooting problem areas.
  9. Monthly, Quarterly and activity reporting of the project activities (Project Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting (PMER)).
  10. Define project success criteria; disseminating them to involved parties throughout the project life cycle.
  11. Create a recommendations report in order to identify successful/unsuccessful project elements.
  12. Develop best practices and tools for the project execution management.
  13. Training of Schools Teachers on Library Management and its Utilization.
  14. Monitoring of distribution of Library items, Recordkeeping and its utilization.


POSITION                                          District Coordinator/Program Manager.

Supervised 3-Projects:         (1st Health, 2nd Be-Safe (Violence Prevention against Children) & 3rd Dengue Awareness)

EMPLOYING AGENCY                 Joint Canadian Red Cross (CRC)/PRCS, 

Integrated Recovery Program, KPK, Swat, PRCS District Branch Office, House # 897, Street-2, Sector-C, Kanju Township, Swat. 

ORGANIZATION TYPE:           Humanitarian.

SECTOR:                                 Health, Emergency Response, Social Development & DM.

INTRODUCTION OF ORG:            Canadian Red Cross is an international Humanitarian Organization working in Health & Emergency Services throughout the world on humanitarian basis. 


PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT       March, 2012 to June, 2015.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES PERFORMED:                                

  1. Overall Management of Program activities (multi-sectoral).
  2. Monthly, quarterly, annual reporting of the program/projects activities.
  3. Prepared projects end/completion reports.
  4. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and annual program activities planning (preparation of detailed implementation plan (DIP)).
  5. Preparation of activities/program budgets and preparation/submission of Funds Requests.
  6. Preparation of contracts and lease agreements (office, residences, vehicles, supplies, etc).
  7. Project Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting (PMER).
  8. Rehabilitation and renovation of Rural Health Centers (Government Hospitals) and monitoring of the contractors work.
  9. Social Mobilization and community Development through organizing the local community in village level and UC level community organization and making plans for their development.
  10. Supervise and verify the monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports.
  11. Assessment for the new projects and writing proposal on it.
  12. Manage the team as a team leader towards the goal of the program/projects.
  13. Organize & supervise the field activities, monitoring of the field staff and activities on regular basis.
  14. All kind of Administrative/HR Functions including recruitment & Selection of staff.
  15. Coordination with stake holders, Line Departments, Govt. Agencies, NGOs and INGOs.
  16. Organized and facilitated trainings for the staff, volunteers and community members (on DM, DRR, Be-Safe (prevention of violence against Children), CBHFA, Office Management, First Aid and on many health related other topics/issues).
  17. Manage and provide all kind of logistics support to the field staff.
  18. Management, mobilization and capacity building of Village Committees and Volunteers of the Red Cross Red Crescent Moment in the area.


Staff Supervised:   

Supervised about 40-members staff (including doctors, nurses, paramedics, health & hygiene promoters, Admin & Finance Officer, CBHFA Officer and other technical and non-technical staff).


POSITION:                                        Provincial Admin & Finance Officer (KPK & Sindh, Pakistan).

EMPLOYING AGENCY:                German Red Cross (GRC) Pakistan Delegation, C/o PRCS NHQ, H-8, Islamabad, 

ORGANIZATION TYPE:           Humanitarian.

SECTOR:                                 Emergency Response & DM.

INTRODUCTION OF ORG:            German Red Cross is an international Humanitarian Organization working in Health & Emergency Services throughout the world on humanitarian basis. 


PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT       February, 2009 to February, 2012.


REPORTING OFFICER:            Country Administrator, GRC Pakistan at Islamabad: 


RESPONSIBILITIES/ DUTIES PERFORMED:                           

  1. All kind of Administrative/HR Functions including recruitment & Selection of staff.
  2. Preparation of Monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  3. Procurement of medicines, supplies, office equipments, IT equipments, etc.
  4. Preparation of Projects/Activity Budgets and submission of funds requests.
  5. Preparation of contracts and lease agreements (office, residences, vehicles, supplies, etc).
  6. To assist the Delegate (Head of Office) in all sort of office and field work.
  7. To provide all kind of Logistic Support to staff as well as to upper level management.
  8. All kinds of procurements of Office equipments, food items, non food items and medicines for flood relief operations in Sindh province.
  9. Trained and worked on financial management software (Funds Pro), which is an online software.
  10. Supervised all the field operation (both in emergency and relief assistance).
  11. Supervised all the flood relief operations in Sindh Province during 2010 flood.
  12. Maintenance of HR Data, Payrolls, Salary Slips, Office Files and leave record.
  13. Monitoring of field work/Activities.
  14. Supervised and monitoring of construction of permanent shelters and installation of hand pumps projects.
  15. Attending of Meetings with different NGOs, INGOs and Government departments on different topics/issues.
  16. All kind of Financial work related to office: Preparation of monthly finance report to County Office and Head Office at Berlin Germany, Maintenance of Cash Books & Bank Books, payments of all kinds of bills, preparation of payment vouchers, Bank Reconciliation, preparation of staff salaries,  keeping record of petty cash, deduction & depositing of taxes &  maintain proper tax record and summaries.

Staff Supervised:   

Supervised about 150-members staff and Volunteers (including engineers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, health & hygiene promoters, Admin & Finance Officers, Logistics Officer and other technical and non-technical staff).


POSITION                                          Assistant to Director (Planning) 

EMPLOYING AGENCY                 Provincial Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Agency (PERRA) HQ, KPK, Pakistan. 


ORGANIZATION TYPE:           Government (Humanitarian & Development Program).

PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT:     February, 2007 to January, 2009

REPORTING OFFICER:            Director (Planning & Technical), PERRA, KPK.

RESPONSIBILITIES/ DUTIES PERFORMED:                           

  1. All kind of Administrative/HR Functions including recruitment & Selection of staff.
  2. Assist in all kind of monitoring activities of different projects in EQAA, KPK.
  3. Monitoring the activities of District Offices of PERRA, in EQAA, KPK.
  4. To assist Director (Planning & Technical) in all sort of office work and correspondence.
  5. To Coordinate with MIS Section PERRA in compilation of Annual Work Plans for different sectors.
  6. To coordinate with MIS Section for the collection and compilation of data regarding reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in the five Earthquake Affected Districts of KPK for planning & monitoring purposes.
  7. To prepare and update progress reports for the monthly progress review meetings.
  8. To assist in the preparation of PC-1s of different projects.
  9. Preparation/drafting of all kind of official letters.
  10. To assist in the arrangement of meetings.
  11. Preparation/Drafting of working papers/Minutes for the Provincial Steering Committee meetings and other internal and external meetings.
  12. To coordinate with all the line departments and NGOs for the smooth intervention of developmental activities.
  13. Assist in the monitoring of all the activities in EQ area of KPK.
  14. Management of files & filing system. 


POSITION                                          Administrative/HR Assistant. 

EMPLOYING AGENCY                 Project Coordination Unit (PCU), NWFP Urban Development Project, 

Local Government Election & Rural Development Department,

Govt of KPK, Peshawar, Pakistan.


ORGANIZATION TYPE:           Government (Developmental Project).


PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT:     March 2003 to January 2007


  1. All kind of Administrative/HR Functions including recruitment & Selection of staff.
  2. Preparation of Pay Bills.
  3. Procurement of office equipments.
  4. Maintenance of Cash Books/Bank Books and Ledgers.
  5. Preparation/drafting of all kind of official letters.
  6. Management of office record & filing system.
  7. Preparation of working papers/minutes of official meetings.
  8. Assist in Recruitment and Selection process of staff, till final selection. 


POSITION:                                        Business Executive. 

EMPLOYING AGENCY:                Perennials Brokerage House (Pvt) Ltd,  University Road Peshawar, Pakistan.


PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT:     March 2002 to February, 2003.



  1. Marketing for the company. To attend the Business Customers meetings.
  2. To bring investment to the company.
  3. To guide the customer in business transactions, etc.
  4. Keep the financial record transactions/Maintenance of Cash Books/Ledgers.


POSITION:                                        Accounts/Admin/HR Assistant.

EMPLOYING AGENCY:                Benevolent Fund Cell Administration Department, 

Government of KPK, BF Building, Peshawar Cantt: Peshawar, Pakistan. 


ORGANIZATION TYPE:           Government.

PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT:     January 1996 to February 2002


  1. Maintenance of financial record (Cash Books/Bank Books & Ledgers).
  2. Maintenance of Annual Budget and Office Record and payment of bills.
  3. Preparation of staff Pay Bills, Maintenance of Office and leave record.
  4. Assist in recruitment and selection of staff.
  5. Procurement of Stationery and office equipments and maintenance of its Record.
  6. Carryout of audit/ inspection of District & Divisional B. Fund Boards in KPK. 
  7. Worked as Assistant Care Taker Benevolent Fund Building Peshawar Cantt.


MBA with Manjor Subjects (HRM, Project Management, Financial Management, Total Quality Management, Project Implementation Management, General Administration, etc)

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