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Some places amaze us that are worth the long distance traveling, others we fall in love with for their utmost serenity and natural beauty, and then there are places where the Mother Nature has worked her magic.  

As I mark my calendar to visit Hunza for the third time, I feel it is the right time to put all the possible reasons to visit Hunza, and why does this place need even more attention. With tens of thousands of visitors flocking in every season this is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan.

From the blue to green lakes that look fascinating to the gigantic mountains touching the clear blue sky, Hunza is a captivating place. Chances are you will lose your heart somewhere between the wilderness, so hold it tight.

Whether you are after natural beauty, affordable travel or adventure activities, below are few reasons to escape to Hunza


WHY HUNZA SHOULD BE YOUR NEXT LONG DISTANCE DRIVING DESTINATIONFor most of the part on your first trip to Hunza, you will drive through the surprisingly well-developed roads. You won’t anticipate how often you would be stopping the car to witness mesmerizing shades of natural beauty. The mountains that collide with the clouds offer to rejoice the beauty as the attraction itself.

As the car rolls through the fascinating landscapes you will transfix by what you see outside the window. If you are looking for an adventure-filled a long-distance driving, Hunza is the real winner. Read More...
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