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raising life in choas

life is" un predictable "as always heard about this inimical should do this ,one should may not needed it possibly. But overall reaction of life to death is scary especially in which society I was living and passed my life throughout.

everywhere was a race of non sequitur .which was looming large .Some may called this fiction stories, some would say as attention seeker, but no my dear it all is reality the way My norms culture, turned it in their own point of Islam.

so take a break and take sigh.

Our  racism is actively spreading and taken roots since the Syed migrated in .and it became a culture turned more coherently in Islamic aspects that nobody counts as a human unless he 's not Syed ,especially in personal relationships. But otherwise you are allowed to free whatever you want to do .either trade ,business, friendships but for girls it,s open banned .

so still i can't write more specifically because it all hurts ,just want to think about who ever read this ,we consider ourselves as a Muslim and what kind of Islam is that ?

Pakistani lawmakers claim women&#39;s march was anti-IslamAINST<br />
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