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Horrible, But It Was Just a Mistake! Really!!

Horrible, But It Was Just a Mistake! Really!!

Horrible, But It Was Just a Mistake! Really!!

I finalized the weekly report, ready to be sent to my manager and some relevant officials. It was the last item of my day's agenda. I reviewed it. I had joined this footwear manufacturing company just a month ago as Assistant Manager Sales (it was around 20 years back). The report was a pack of complaints, mentioning the weak performances, lagging behind schedules, financial problems, and so on. Preparation and dispatching of this report was my responsibility.

After checking and counter-checking the report, I instructed my assistant to call our courier company's rep to dispatch the report to those relevant officials who were stationed at other locations (Emailing was not common those days). My assistant prepared the routine list of the recipients of the report, separating those whose mail would be delivered through the courier company. I checked the list. After carefully reviewing the mail list, I signed it. The rep came in and collected the envelops. That's all. The day's work was over. In a very relaxed mood, I took the original report and left it on my boss's table. He was out of the city and was coming next morning.

Next morning, my boss called me to discuss issues mentioned in my report. It was a normal and routine meeting. After two days of the submission of the report, One morning, I entered my office and just seated when my office telephone rang. I picked up the receiver. The operator informed me that personal secretary to the Chairman wanted to talk to me. I was bewildered, why PS to the chairman wants to talk to me? I said, "OK, get me through!" A heavy and flat voice asked me, "Mr. Qamar?" I said, "Yes please!"

"Chairman wants to see you tomorrow, sharp at 11:30 a.m. at the head office, Karachi."

I was stunned hearing that. Why the chairman wants to see me? I was just a junior management guy, like dozens others in this huge organization.  In a bit shivering voice, I asked,

"Mr. Secretary, May I know why the chairman has called me?"

"Well, I think it's something about a report you have just sent to him."

"Report? What report? How can I send a report to the chairman?  I was nearly to scream.

He said, " Tomorrow, at 11:30 a.m. sharp" and clicked off the phone.

The receiver of the phone was still in my hand for so many minutes. Then my senses came to life. I asked my assistant to provide me the list of the previous day's report recipients. He put it on my table. I carefully went through it......And stop! Here is the chairman's name in the list! What the hell his name and address are doing in this list? How could it.....I stared at my assistant and asked in an admonishing tone " How did this name get in the list?" He said, "Sorry, it was just a mistake."

"Mistake? You have almost ruined my career and you say it was a mistake?"

He said gently, "But sir, you had checked and verified the list. Here are your signatures."

I had to admit that it was my mistake. It was a blunder, an absolute blunder. But just after one month in employment and the pain of unemployment, I was not ready for that at all. I went to my boss and stated the situation. My boss stunned frozen as he heard and stared at me in an unbelievable way. "You sent the copy to the chairman and he has called you?" His voice was life-less. " What the hell have you done? How could you do that? He shouted. "You have not only finished yourself but destroyed me as well. You know what that report was? That was a clear proof of our dirty performance. Why has he called you? Why not me to warn you? Something very very bad is going to happen. Oh God! Now please go and prepare for the journey. I am searching for another job."

I came out of his room in dismay; broken, disappointed. I called a couple of my friends, telling them to find an employment for me on urgent basis. They were astonished, asking the reason. I told them I will describe everything to them later on, but please do it what I requested. I reached my home, called an airline's office and booked a seat on the tomorrow's early morning flight.  The night was very heavy. I was preparing myself as how to face the chairman and how to answer his questions. The entire night spent in this brain war.

Next day, I took the flight and reached Karachi. Well before 11:30 a.m., I was in the head office, In the office of PS to Chairman. His sympathetic eyes were quite disturbing me. We talked nothing about the report. At 11:30, he informed the chairman about my arrival, and escorted me to the elegant room of the chairman. Truly speaking, I had never seen such a cold and feeling-less face. I was already shattered, and by looking at his face, the tiniest remaining part of my confidence vanished in air. He pointed towards a chair, "Please!" and I seated. 

He was holding a paper in his hand. "Mr. Qamar! Have you prepared this report?"  "Yes sir"  I replied in a shivering voice, though I was trying to control my shivering. "Hmmm, Quite disturbing situation at your department, isn't it?" "Yes sir, but we are doing our best to overcome it." The chairman gazed at me for a while. I was sweating though the room temperature was pleasant.

"Mr. Qamar! What is in your mind to fix the situation in your department?" I was taken by surprise hearing this question. I said, "Sir, our department is managing a very vast geographical area. We are short of resources. In my opinion, if we divide this geographical area into two and have an additional sales office, then the problem could better be dealt with."

"Mr. Qamar! How long have you been with this organization?" Chairman asked. "About a month sir!" I replied. "Okay, How is your manager doing?" He asked. "Sir, he is a very professional and kind person." I replied. He nodded. Then he opened a file and said, "Well Mr. Qamar, I have your personal file and I have checked every detail about you. Your prepared report shows your deep involvement in your job and your care abut the organization, despite of the fact that you are only one month old here. I wanted to meet you personally to know you and your thinking. I am very happy to meet you, and more happy about your positive thinking for your boss." 

It was not a surprise...It was an electric shock,  jolting my brain and body. This shock got more intense when the chairman continued, "Your suggestion to develop another sales office is very realistic and practical. Actually, your CEO has already forwarded this suggestion to the board. In fact, we showed a bit of laziness to decide the issue. I know you sent me this report erroneously, but it geared me up to decide to establish another sales office in your area immediately. Now, go to your office and directly send me, within two days, a report as how this office would be established. By the way, you will establish the office under your own supervision and will be managing it. You are promoted as Area Manager from the day you joined this organization. If it's not bothering, you would assist the company's marketing department as Assistant Marketing Manager as well. You will get the notification, a company maintained car, and other facilities within a couple of days."

Can you imagine what were my feelings and emotions at that time? No, you cannot! because my emotions and feelings were gone somewhere else. My mind was blank. My heart forgot it's rhythm. The situation was a complete opposite to what I thought. I thanked him in a shrilling voice. He rose up and shook hands with me. For the first time, I saw a trace of smile on his face, or at least, I felt like that. "Young man, keep it up, and tell your manager he is doing very well." He said when I was just leaving.

Then came the day when I established that sales office. Within one year, the office produced 5 times more sales in the designated area. It was a great success. I spent more than 3 years at that area office, and when I left, our sales were 3 times more than the first year's. An inadvertent mistake, a serious one though, proved to be my #BestMistake.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Horrible, But It Was Just a Mistake! Really!!


When you do, deliver, or say anything, think and assess it again and again to eliminate any chance of mistake. When you are sure it's free of any error, do it. But after doing it, when you find a mistake or error, it's absolutely inadvertent. Don't take it as a point of tension. This inadvertent mistake might be included by your destiny, to bestow upon you something better. Sometimes, a mistake opens the door of an opportunity. Something good for you might be hidden in your mistake, some blessings in disguise. Secondly, mistakes show you are learning. If you stop doing mistakes, you stop learning., and stopping learning is death.


Do you agree mistakes sometimes bring opportunities? What is your experience? Do you remember your such a mistake? Please share your opinion.

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Horrible, But It Was Just a Mistake! Really!!


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Qamar Ali Khan

5 years ago #30

Lisa \ud83d\udc1d Gallagher! Thank you once again. I used to come and go. I'm surely working on some articles these days. You're very wise, indeed :-)

Qamar Ali Khan

5 years ago #29

Thank you Milos Djukic! You're very kind :-)

Qamar Ali Khan

5 years ago #28

Alexa Steele! It's so nice to have your encouraging comments. I'm glad you liked it. I welcome you to my circle with a warm heart! Thank you so much! Stay happy!

Qamar Ali Khan

5 years ago #27

Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee! I always highly appreciate your warm engagement and appreciation. Thank you very much!

Qamar Ali Khan

5 years ago #26

Lisa \ud83d\udc1d Gallagher! You always exceed my expectations of care and friendship!

Qamar Ali Khan

5 years ago #25

Donna-Luisa Eversley! It's not my wisdom, it's your kindness. Thank you very much!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #24

Thanks Javier C\u00e1mara Rica for the kind share! I'm obliged! Have a great life!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #23

Great comment Jean L. Serio! Thank you very much for your engagement and sharing your experience. You know better than anyone that an inadvertent mistakes sometime brings something different 360 than what you genuinely expect. The only condition is your positive thinking. Thank so very much. have a great life!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #22

Cyndi wilkins! This is a very interesting comment. In fact, I felt the sting when I discovered the inadvertent fooling act that I committed. But the chairman was kind enough to apply honey to heal my pain and to better my health. So, I agree! I survived the "big sting." Enjoyed your excellent comment, really. Thank you so very much.

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #21

Brilliant observation Deb Helfrich! I agree completely. Positivity starts from ownself. Accepting the responsibility of a mistake is a part of this positivity. What I did is my nature. I did accept whenever something wrong happened within the domain of my authority. You're absolutely right. It's not necessary that such an acceptance will bring good results every time. But if one think about results and hide the truth, he/she cannot be a believer of positive and honest practices. The road of truthfulness is hard to travel on, but easy for those who don't care about the consequences. Thank you very much Deb for you superb comment!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #20

Wow Ali Anani! Brilliant appreciation from a great writer. I'm so proud of your this high encouragement. Thank you so very much!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #19

Thank you John White, MBA! I feel strong when you add something to my post and support it. You're a great friend.

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #18

That's absolutely right Larry Boyer! Mistakes the the part of human nature, and sometimes, a divine gift. Thank you very much for your thoughtful engagement!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #17

I'm really grateful to you Arnie McKinnis! Your liking has a special place in my heart. Thank you sir!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #16

That's absolutely right Larry Boyer! Mistakes the the part of human nature, and sometimes, a divine gift. Thank you very much for your thoughtful engagement!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #15

#33 Brigette Hyacinth! I'm glad and honored by your so valuable comments. You're a great writer and your words are a big encouragement to me. Yes, I agree and I always tried my level best to follow the values. Thank you very much!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #14

Thank you very much Anees Zaidi for your heartfelt compliments! It' was and It's impossible for me to put my error on somebody other's shoulders. This is not my nature at all. That's what my parents taught me and that's what our faith is all about. I was ready for the worst, sincerely. The thing that scared me actually was not about my job. It was about the possible disgrace that I supposed to face. But Good is Great and He saved me from such an embarrassing situation. I'm grateful to Him!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #13

Lisa Gallagher! It's understood that being fair, ethical, and moral requires one to be ready to accept losses, pain, and sacrifice. But having all these qualities is far more superior compared to their cost. Our first identity being human being is morality and ethics, and we'll not surrender to hardships to lose our identity.

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #12

Thank you so very much Paul \. Your liking of my post is a reward for me. Thank you very much for your kind shares as well.

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #11

I'm so glad by your wonderful comments Julie Hickman! Feeling honored! Thank you very much!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #10

Thank you Milos Djukic, my dear and loving friend!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #9

This is so sad Lisa Gallagher! People are selling their souls and respect to get money. They don't care about the right and wrong, but money. This is a disgrace to humanity. Sticking to morality and ethics is the identity of humanity Lisa! I strongly believe in that and I personally don't care if I even don't earn money. Your husband, like you, looks a great human being. You better understand the situation. I'm here if you require my help anytime. This hide and seek between the immoral and moral will continue. But one thing Lisa, the winner always is the one who adopts the right-side track in this race.

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #8

Thank you very much Kevin Pashuk! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. This is a reward for me. I have a nature. Whenever I do something wrong, I immediately accept it. I cannot control myself to hide it, or even to avoid it just for the time being. This thing has harmed me so much in my life. In this particular case, it proved a lucky game-changer, and I considered it as a divine gift, nothing else. This was for sure that the mistake was very serious. In the same organization, many people lost their jobs violating, by mistake, the work rules and procedures. The organization was very strict to maintain the discipline. Thank you sir!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #7

Thank you very much Franci Eugenia Hoffman! I agree. Mistakes normally cause disturbance in the routine but, as you said, they are the learning point, indicating to the unfavorable situations to be avoided in future. One must not be scared of mistakes, if he/she is doing their job with honesty. Great comments Franci!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #6

Lisa Gallagher! What a pure comment! I agree with you. We must not compromise on our ethics and morality, may what come. As I mentioned in one of my replies, I suffered more losses than gains because of my straightforward nature, but I don't care. Even the loss becomes a sort of satisfaction if you're right and your intentions are pure. Thank you so very much Lisa!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #5

I'm really humbled and feeling great by you positiveness ! One must remain positive, with positive and clean intents, and must work hard to the capacity bestowed upon him by Almighty God. God knows and considers our intents and he turns around an obvious negative situation to a positive situation. Thank you very much!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #4

Thank you very much Antoine Prager for adding your lovely thoughts. That's absolutely right. There must be room for mistakes in every corner of the life. A human is prone to mistakes and mistakes are points where one really learns. Thanks again!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #3

Thank you very much Jaanvee Singh for your valuable engagement! Obliged! I also agree with Alan Geller!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #2

#3 Thank you Donna-Luisa Eversley for your kind compliments. In this case, I gained something good because of my nature to be truthful. But most of the time, I usually suffer a loss. Thank you again!

Qamar Ali Khan

6 years ago #1

Thank you Alan Geller! This is a spot on suggestion. One must not be put on a hanging rope. But you know it happens everywhere, and the lower or junior level employees have to bear the pressure of unknown. I still shiver when I think about the moments before the meeting.

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