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1947 Tales: The Inevitable Scenarios that led to Partition

1947 Tales: The Inevitable Scenarios that led to Partition

This scenario happened after realizing that there would be no anymore possibility of capable cooperation and coordination. Both nations set out on their respective divergent paths towards integrity and sovereignty, despite living together for centuries and facing a dilemma of servitude since the Britishers' inception into the subcontinent. The ideologists and their ideologies for respective nations and communities rose to inject into their masses and followers' minds that the Era had arrived to attain- what for long had been yearned by the luminaries: The overall exploitation and the inter-communal rivalry and strife could not bear any more mutual existence and a tendency towards a political or cultural camaraderie, since
Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who had far-sightedness qualities had long before realized this barbaric plan of Hindus and started endeavors to Prevent Muslims from falling into this trap.
A Proposal for a separate Identity led to the inspiration and optimism for Pakistan Movement's inception when Muslims were quelled by the Hindus and Britishers.
The Formation of the Muslim League was a precedent from where the Interests and concerns of Muslims could be mainstreamed towards Britishers, who were deprived of or curtailed as they were a Minority, and Hindus worked closely with The British and executed every tact to suppress Muslims.
Lucknow pact that was a precedent of a closely related work of Hindus And Muslims for common Interests' ware no longer viable as Congress had its Invisible Plans by forwarding Muslims on the Forefront-which could have been more disastrous and hapless for Muslims in the near offing.
Muslims were culturally, socially, morally, and politically in turmoil and repressed as much as possible to allow Hindus' domination by the Britishers. Since these proficient, learned, intellect-based ideologues emerged on the political frame to help frame a policy for the retrieval of losses endured by the Muslim community-at-large. 
Pakistan-The Name for the proposed state advocated by Chaudhry Rehmat Ali established an Inducement that was lacking inside the traits of Muslims for a long due to being enslaved by the Foreigners for Centuries, and a polarization ensued to the nascent activism proposed by these proponents of Independence. 
It's not easy for nations to achieve collective objectives without sacrifices, and that has happened during the mass migration in the World's history during Partition Era: 15 Million+ people migrated from both sides, and an estimated One million+ people lost their lives during this Industrious, laborious and time taking exodus that created another chapter of Violence, Impuissance, and, Massacre-that is to Recalled. 
The Khilafat Movement and the Khilafat committee were the ground-breakings that led to inspiring Muslims of the Subcontinent to yearn and endeavor for a separate Homeland as this concoction of ideologies and norms would be a matter of turmoil if Britishers had left India Undivided.
The likes of Far-Sighted leadership envisaged in the vision of Quaid e Azam, who once was an ardent and zealous proponent of Hindu-Muslim unity, had soon realized that the Hindu Congress that appears to be working in the mutual vested interests of Hindu-Muslim unity was working to further its own goals by keeping Muslims at the forefront. That would have entailed an enigma for Muslims as they were soon to emerge as a belligerent party against Britishers: So Quaid-e-Azam acknowledged that fact and parted ways from Unity and conformed to work for the interests of Muslims in a Hindu Majority Area, where soon, if undivided, as The Congress had proposed on multiple occasions would prove a catastrophe-both for Muslims and Their Interests. The sole reason that lied In Congress did not second the Division of Subcontinent was the revenge that was ripening inside the Hindu Community due to being ruled by Muslims for more than a Millennium; this was a stark opportunity for them to execute their vengeance, for which they desired since ages. 
The first proposal for Hindu-Muslim unity emerged on the occasion of the Joint Muslim League and Congress Session when both the parties deliberated on issues and drafted a set of propositions that were to be put forward before the Britishers that would entertain the dual interests, without any strife. It is because Hindus were not in the Favor to allow Muslims to have any freedom or separate representation under the constitution; thus, they started Ploys to demoralize Muslims against their proposals, as emerged under The Nehru report of 1928; when Nehru duly rejected the proposal of separate electorates for Muslims, 1/3rd seats in the legislature and more concerned to Muslims. So, a new era began when endeavors and strategies were employed tooth-and-nail to achieve a separate entity for Muslims-Where they would be free to practice their religious, social, political, and integral norms without any subjugation, or interference, from a foreign entity that had long compromised their independence and transformed into an out-



casted in a Hindu majority India. To avail this Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah worked tirelessly for securing the Future of Muslims, which he long had foreseen if they were not divided in the Future. Thus a long road, with thorns and stones pricking into the heels, a baptism from blood; mass immolation of honour and integrity awaited Muslims. 
Lamentably, this all happened during this laborious exodus towards the nascent state-Pakistan. What a heinous, barbaric, and a brutal carnage that ensued provides a reminiscence of the Holocaust that shook the World with its horror and dread had produced a dual National entities' dilemma which is still in the pipeline competing for the Balance Of Power and Regional hegemony, instead of focusing on improving detente, camaraderie, chumminess, bonhomie.
The result would be chaotic as huge sums are being spent by both to undermine each other's security and integrity. What, if both would shake hands to uproot the common evils: Poverty, Climate Change, Unemployment, Extremism, and Hatred that are being matured inside both of us due to our negative constructivist views as inherent enemies and arch-rivals?


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