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    Last Date to Apply: 29th March 2024

    What is Contextual Marketing B2 C, B2 B & Product?

    We are in search of a seasoned professional to join our dynamic team as the Stream Head Contextual Marketing (specializing in GSM Connectivity (B2 C & B2 B), and Products).

    The ideal candidate will possess extensive knowledge of both the market and technology landscape, actively engage in projects, and play a pivotal role in managing and enhancing contextual marketing support for diverse stakeholders.

    In the capacity of Stream Head Contextual GSM Connectivity (B2 C & B2 B), and Products, candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in direct and contextual marketing strategies, coupled with a wealth of experience in the telecom industry, digital marketing, NBO, vendor management, and a deep understanding of Jazz's short-term and long-term strategies.

    The role will focus on leveraging contextual marketing to accomplish Jazz's objectives effectively.

    Key responsibilities include overseeing and extending contextual marketing support to various stakeholders. This entails ensuring alignment with stakeholders' requirements and annual goals.

    If you are a dynamic professional with a passion for contextual marketing in the dynamic realms of GSM Connectivity (B2 C & B2 B), and Products, we invite you to join our team and make a significant impact in achieving our organizational objectives.

    What does Stream Head Contextual Marketing B2 C, B2 B & Product do?

    As Stream Head Contextual Marketing, you play a pivotal role in achieving monthly and annual targets aligned with divisional goals.

    Your primary focus is on ensuring company-wide objectives in GSM Connectivity (B2 C & B2 B), and Products are met, providing crucial support to stakeholders.

    Your responsibilities include developing and implementing direct and contextual marketing strategies that align with overarching company goals. This involves not only reaching short-term milestones but also minimizing project risks and efficiently managing resources.

    An essential aspect of your role is identifying opportunities to enhance the long-term ROI and sustainability of projects.

    Your keen risk mitigation and resource management skills are vital for maximizing economic value from the portfolio projects under your purview.

    Efficient management of system and human resources is critical to achieving these objectives.

    To promote operational excellence and transparency, you are expected to integrate new tools and technologies following industry best practices.

    Your dedication to operational efficiency and adherence to best practices will significantly contribute to the success of contextual marketing initiatives and overall organizational objectives.

    Jazz is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate, support, and thrive on diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.


    What are we looking for & what does it require to be Stream Head Contextual Marketing B2 C, B2 B & Product?

    Master's or Bachelor's degree in business administration/computer science/IT/Telecom Engineering or related field.

    8-10 years of experience in a relevant field (CVM, Segments, Business Analytics), preferably inclusive of experience in an agile environment.

    Telecom business acumen and good understanding of telecom product & consumer lifecycle management. Extensive knowledge of project management and program management. Leadership skills with the ability to provide vision and strategic thinking. Strong Technical, analytical, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities. Excellent teamwork, collaboration, and negotiation skills. Effective planning, organizing, and relationship management capabilities. Experience with coaching and mentorship.

    Personal Attributes:
    Result-oriented with a persistent and confident attitude. Critical thinking and decisiveness. Thorough and detail oriented. Patience and positive attitude. Enthusiastic with a passion for coaching and mentoring. Benefits

    Why Join Jazz?

    As one of the leading employers in the country, Jazz epitomizes the philosophy that each Jazz employee is passionately living a better every day inspired and enabled by visionary leadership, a unique professional culture, a flourishing lifestyle, and continuous learning

    and development.

    Our core values include qualities essential for a positive organizational culture - truthfully guiding entrepreneurial and innovative mindsets, harnessing professional and interpersonal collaboration and fostering across-the-board customer-obsession.

    As one of the largest private sector organizations in Pakistan, our objective is to continue to change the lives of our 70 million customers for the better.

    This is an opportunity for someone who wants to be part of something transformative, someone who can play a critical role in driving our success.

    Together, we can empower millions more with the tools necessary to progress in an increasingly digital economy.

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