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    Written Report – Case Study:
    Cyber Security

    Assessment Overview :

    For this assessment you will write a report based on a case study that has a practical application of key skills including analytical and decision-making skills based on specialised knowledge related to information and cyber security.

    A case study of a large organisation is provided that contains information about all business units and stakeholders in terms of information flow, how they communicate, internal and external network infrastructure, in-place security measures and the potential vulnerable attack landscape.

    Case Study:
    Zenith Healthcare

    Zenith Healthcare is a leading provider of healthcare services. The organization has a network of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare professionals spread across multiple regions.

    It has a complex IT infrastructure to manage the vast amount of personal and health-related data it collects and stores.

    Zenith Healthcare has a governance framework, but it has not been updated or thoroughly reviewed in several years. While it has a dedicated team to oversee its information security program, the lack of leadership involvement is apparent. The current governance framework lacks alignment with the organization's overarching goals and objectives.

    Risk Management:

    Zenith Healthcare's risk management methodologies are traditional and reactive, often identifying risks after they have manifested as security incidents.

    The lack of a proactive and comprehensive risk management framework has led to several minor data breaches in the past few years.

    Zenith Healthcare is subject to several compliance requirements, including HIPAA and GDPR.

    While the organization has made efforts to adhere to these standards, the lack of a structured compliance program has led to inconsistencies in compliance and potential exposure to regulatory fines.

    In today's world, data is one of the most valuable assets for any organization.

    For organizations in the healthcare sector, such as our case study, Zenith Healthcare, the value of this data is twofold.

    First, it carries significant operational value, assisting with patient care, research, and administrative tasks.
    Second, it carries an inherent risk due to its sensitivity and the regulatory environment governing its use and protection.
    As future information security professionals, it's essential that you understand the pillars (GRC) that contribute to an organization's security posture:

    Risk Management
    These components are the bedrock of a robust and effective information security program.

    Not only do they ensure that an organization's data remains confidential, integral, and available, but they also align the security objectives with the broader organizational strategy.


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