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    2 months ago

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    We are seeking a skilled and passionate Flutter Developer to join our team.

    As a Flutter Developer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining high-quality mobile applications using the Flutter framework.

    You will work closely with our cross-functional team to deliver innovative solutions that meet our clients' needs


    Collaborate with stakeholders to gather requirements and understand project objectives. Design, develop, and implement robust and scalable mobile applications using the Flutter framework. Utilize object-oriented programming (OOP) principles to write clean, reusable, and maintainable code.

    Implement the MVVM (Model-View-View Model) architectural pattern or other OOP based Architectural Patterns to create efficient and modular code structures.

    Work closely with UI/UX designers to ensure the best user experience and visual appeal of the applications. Integrate RESTful APIs and third-party services into the application architecture. Conduct thorough testing and debugging of applications to ensure quality and reliability. Optimize application performance and responsiveness by identifying and addressing bottlenecks. Collaborate with backend developers to define and implement APIs for seamless integration. Stay up-to-date with the latest Flutter updates, trends, and best practices, and share knowledge with the team. Participate in code reviews and provide constructive feedback to ensure code quality. Continuously improve development processes and suggest enhancements to increase productivity.

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