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    2 years



    The position is advertised for emergency roster pool generation only.

    shortlisted candidates will be kept in the pool and will be contacted for the role in case of any emergency project.

    Management will update the list every three months.

    Relevant Experience:
    Minimum 2 years experience with Bachelor's degree in Logistics, Business,

    Engineering Position Objective:

    The Logistics Officer will provide strategic leadership, technical & Official support to the logistics department at base level by analyzing logistics performance and assessment of the logistical.

    The Logistics Officer will ensure overall logistics Management at base level, in term of planning, technical support to the team on chain management, warehouse management, fleet management, equipment/inventory management, ICT management and implementation of projects framework under logistics domain and lesion with partners related to logistics matters.

    Job Description:

    Mission 1:
    Contribute to the definition of mission strategy The Logistics Officer is responsible for: Support HOD Log in developing a logistics strategy for the missionmaking logistics data available to other departments to facilitate the establishment of the country strategy Support HOD Log in producing high quality and timely logistics contributions to "proposals" and reports for funding bodies Contributing a logistics perspective to coordination team Advising other departments on their logistics requirements Ensuring that logistical needs and constraints are shared with HOD Log while preparation of new projects Collecting data and preparing the logistics sections of "proposals" and reports to funding bodies, contributing to the financing plan Preparing PPPs at the proposal and revision stage of projects carefully considering the procedures applied in coordination with budget holders, finance and management; Representing the mission to outside bodies in logistical matters and developing a network for the exchange of information and good practice Mission 2: Coordinate logistics at base level The Logistics Officer is responsible for:implementing ACF logistics regulations at base level and ensuring compliance with themthe quality of the logistics service provided throughout the missionleading and optimising logistical activities at base levelensuring that logistical commitments made to funding agencies are respectedproducing timely and high quality logistics reportinganticipating and flagging up logistics-related risksensuring overall internal controls for optimal procurement, property management, supplies management and equipment management Ensuring non logistics staff, particularly budget holders, are aware of the procedures and best practices Ensure safety standards including electrical standards are maintained at all bases across the province Laying down logistical standards at all base accordance with ACF guidelines, national regulations and donor compliance Devising a technical and geographical strategy for supplies (local purchases, stock and transport)

    Supervising the implementation of a supplies strategy and sanctioning its stages according to ACF procedures (validating procurement requests as per approved Authorization Signature Form)Supervising the management of equipment with the support of HOD Log & ICT Manager :

    allocation, transfer between bases, amortisation Controlling the provincial logistics budget Consolidating, monitoring and analysing logistical data submitted by all bases at provincial level Ensuring the sound conduct of audits and pre-audits of all projects at provincial level Ensuring the implementation of an archiving system conforming to ACF logistics guidelines Maintaining a network with local input, exchanging good practice Representing ACF at the logistics Cluster, coordinating ACF activity with that of other parties involved in concerted initiatives Ensuring correct application of taxes for procurements with support from finance Regular capacity building/ induction of non-logistics & partner staff Mission 3: Promote and ensure collaboration and coordination in logistics with the provincial's partners The Logistics Officer is responsible for:participating in the process of selecting partners and validating the risk analysis in logistical matters submitted by the bases & shared with HOD Log & Field Coordinatordefining with partners the modes of logistics management in the framework of joint projects Assist HOD Log & Field Coordinator in deciding on the allocation of different procurements between ACF and our partnersvalidating the logistical aspects of partnership conventions and agreementstaking full advantage at provincial level of all innovative logistics management practices in the framework of partnerships Providing capacity building support to partners to ensure that they compliant with our minimum standards and any donor requirements across all aspects of function management including management of fraud cases Regular spot checks of partners Assist HOD Log & Field Coordinator on Guideline of clear regulations for partners Assist HOD Log & Field Coordinator on Due diligence of partners for function Assist HOD Log & Field Coordinator Development of due diligence requirements Mission 4: Administrative oversight of IT function at base level The Logistics Officer is responsible for: Ensure an ICT strategy is in place, and that correct management of ICT equipment and contracts is in place Regular follow up on compliance of ICT with the support of ICT Manager & HOD Log Ensuring internet and equipment is sufficient to enable staff performance Mission 5: Prevent and manage fraud and corruption at base level The Logistics Officer is responsible for:identifying the risks of fraud and corruption in his/her field of competence and putting in place preventative and monitoring mechanismsmaking his/her team aware of the risks of fraud and corruptionalerting the Country Director to cases of fraud and corruption and undertaking corrective actionputting in place and monitoring recommendations arising from the day-to-day control and audits Mission 6: Supporting oversight of digital and physical archives The Logistics Officer is responsible for: Overseeing a plan for handling and storing archives of all projects in hard form; Assist HOD Log to ensure definition of the digital archive organisation on NHF and the server.

    Mission 7:
    Manage the Logistics team at base level The Logistics Officer is responsible for:
    the day-to-day management of his/her team (guidance, follow-up, motivation...)
    evaluating the performance and developing the skills of his/her team membersmanagement of the teams for which s/he is support/technical Officer Definition of the Human Resources needs of his/her area of activity and production of an organisation chart of the team Taking part in the recruitment of his/her teams Organising and leading team meetings Developing and monitoring individual action plans for team members Managing planning activities, the sharing and coordination of tasks Carrying out individual evaluation interviews with his/her team members Providing technical support to the teams Identifying the training needs of team members Devising, organising and leading training sessions Managing difficulties in the team Mission 8:

    Ensure compliance with ACFs gender equality, child protection sensitivity and Safeguarding policies This position is responsible for: Read and ensure a full understanding of ACFs Gender, Child Protection and other safeguarding policies Implement all work related activities with a gender, inclusion and child protection lens Help build an inclusive office environment where people do not feel disadvantaged or judged according to their gender or limited due to manageable disability Specific skills needed to perform the function Substantial experience in Humanitarian responses Excellent coordination and interpersonal skills Able to analyze and summarize complex technical and contextual information Fluent in English, reading writing and speaking.

    Fluency in local language of the program implementation area will be preferred Ability to handle stress and pressure This Job Description may evolve according to the needs of the mission and in view of the ever changing scope of your designation.

    Action against Hunger is committed to the prevention of risks related to abuse, sexual exploitation and the promotion of gender equality and its diversity.

    The Pakistan Mission encourages the application of the women / men / transgender/ disabled workers.

    Action Against Hunger's recruitment process is free of charge, no compensation of any form shall be requested from a candidate.

    It reflects the major policies and its charter through its professionalism and impartiality. If you observe behavior in opposition to these values during this process, please report it to the appropriate teams.

    All persons hired by Action Against Hunger will also be checked for compliance with the "anti-terrorist" lists, while respecting the rights of employees and the confidentiality of personal data.

    Requirements Requires you to add current salary information.

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