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    Chief of Party RELAB HS - 2 years - PakistanChief of Party RELAB HS - 2 years - PakistanProfilRequested profile

    • You hold a Degree in Physical and Functionnal Rehabilitation
    • You have at least 6 years of experience in international development providing technical support to local teams; experience in provision of technical assistance to external partners; professional experience in project management and experience working in consortium set up
    • You master rehabilitation system strengthening and global rehabilitation and AT initiatives; knowledge of education of health and rehabilitation workforce in low income countries; familiar with principles and practices of inclusive development , Project Management and coordination.
    • You have strong leadership skills to guide and inspire the project team, partners, and stakeholders
    • You've a proven ability to work efficiently on a remote basis and in complex working environments; ability to mobilize and align team members and collaborators24 months International contract startingThe international contract provides social cover adapted to your situation:
    • Unemployment insurance benefits for EU nationals
    • Pension scheme
    • Medical coverage with 50% of employee contribution
    • Repatriation insurance paid by HISalary from 2869 € gross/month upon experiencePerdiem: € net/month
    • paid in the fieldHardship: 250 € net/month paid with your salaryPaid leaves: 25 days per year;R&R: Level 2: difficult (5 days every 12 weeks)


    Unaccompanied: Payment for travel costs (air ticket & visa) and transport of your personal effects (from 12 months of mission).

    Mission of more than 12 months :

    a child allowance of 100€ per month, per child (from the second child) paid in the fieldHousing: Individual or collective taken in charge by HIIf you are resident in the country: local packageHandicap International/Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is an independent and impartial international solidarity organization, which intervenes in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflicts and disasters.

    Working alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, it acts and speaks out to meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

    More info:
    At Handicap International-Humanity & Inclusion, we truely believe in the importance of inclusion and diversity within our organisation. This is why we are engaged to a disability policy to encourage the inclusion and integration of people with disabilities.

    Please indicate if you require any special accommodation, even at the first interview;In the early 1980s Handicap International's first activities in Pakistan focused on support for refugees and this work continued up until the end of the 1990s.

    Following a series of natural disasters, the organization returned to Pakistan to support vulnerable people caught up in several humanitarian crises.

    In 2009, Handicap International started responding to the needs of IDPs and refugees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province, and, in 2010, to the needs of the flood affected populations in both KPK and Sindh provinces.

    These emergencies, as well as the new floods that hit again Sindh province in 2011, led to a considerable increase in the volume of Handicap International's activities ranging from response to basic and specific needs of vulnerable persons through a disability and vulnerability approach, WASH, shelter, disaster risk reduction and advocacy on inclusion.

    Since then, the organization has maintained a continuous presence in the country, through development programs (community-based rehabilitation, disaster risk reduction) as well humanitarian aid to the population victims of the conflict and / or natural disasters.

    Since January 2014, HI Pakistan is gradually shifting back its programmatic approach towards longer term and development interventions.

    While keeping its capacity to respond to complex emergencies – which are recurrent in the country – HI will re-position itself to address structural issues.

    The domains of intervention that Handicap International is focusing on are as follows:
    Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction, Inclusion and Rights, Rehabilitation and Emergency response. At the moment a three-year funded project in Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction is implemented in Sindh. Program strategy will be developed in 2016 to cover the next 3 years.

    This Chief of Party position is for a USAID-funded Activity, Learning, Acting and Building for Rehabilitation in Health Systems (ReLAB-HS).

    ReLAB-HS aims to support development of health systems that are responsive to the escalating challenge of addressing the growing needs for rehabilitation within populations.

    It seeks to co-design and implement innovative, comprehensive, cost-effective interventions that strengthen health systems for provision of rehabilitation including assistive technology.

    ReLAB-HS will focus on integrating rehabilitation and assistive technology services across all levels of care within health systems.

    The ReLAB-HS consortium currently comprises of five international partners with expertise in health systems, rehabilitation and Assistive Technology and implementation science.

    The consortium prime is Johns Hopkins University (JHU), other partners are HI, Momentum Wheels for Humanity (MWH), Physiopedia and Nossal Institute for Global Health (NI).ReLAB-HS is a 5-year Activity that started in September 2020 and will end in September 2025.

    The countries of implementation are Pakistan, Myanmar and Uganda.

    HI is a member of the consortium and the lead partner for activities implementation in Pakistan (until the end of the project) and Myanmar (until September 2023); in addition, HI provides technical assistance in crosscutting areas to all countries and consortium partners on advocacy for rehabilitation, inclusive governance, financing of rehabilitation sector.

    The consortium lead JHU provides overall direction for the Activity through the Program Director, in consultation with the consortium partners.

    The full governance and management structure of the consortium is the following:

    Steering Committee:
    made of partner leads, provides strategic direction, risk management and critical decision making for consortium activities

    • Program Management Team (PMT): one for each country; addresses both management and technical aspects of planning and implementation. It is made of country team, a program manager/ technical lead from each partner, the JHU Operations Manager and the JHU Senior Advisor.

    Under the responsibility of the Pakistan Operations Manager the Chief of Party contributes to the implementation of the mandate and the 10-year strategy of Humanity & Inclusion.

    He/she is ensures optimal quality and impact of the projects implemented within ReLAB-HS scope of work, in particular in Pakistan, through a delegation system with appropriate control mechanisms agreed with HI Operations Managers.

    He/she shares with all HI managers the responsibility of a sound management and successful functioning of the global organization.

    Main missions and responsabilities of the RELAB-HS Chief of PartyMission 1 :
    ManagementFunctional management of the Pakistan Project Manager, the project MEAL officer, the inclusive officer, the communication specialist

    • Manager as a role model: embodies HI's values on a daily basis.
    • Manager as coach for meaning: understands the strategy, makes it explicit, translates it into operational objectives for his or her team, leads the necessary changes. Gives meaning to each management action. Encourages inter and intra departmental exchanges of practice. Encourages innovation and risk-taking.

    Operational management:

    under the supervision of Operation Managers, organizes the operational management of his or her team, structures the work around identified processes agreed with the consortium and internal to HI, steers performance and facilitates the resolution of problems.

    Keep tracks of PM tool box and regularly updates the budget vs activities (BVA) in close coordination with Manager finance and PM ReLab-HS

    Manager 1st HR& Coach:

    contributes to the development of his or her staff, creating the conditions for their commitment, professionalism and attachment to HI.

    Ensures compliance with the code of conduct of institutional policies, the state of mind and the expected individual and collective behavior

    • Act as a technical focal point for HI within the consortium:Ensure cross-program technical cohesion and coordination in HI areas of expertise; ensure technical fidelity: clearing-house function for major activities; identify and manage technical concerns across/between consortium partners; convening information to HI MEAL officer to inform whole-of-program reporting; contribute to progress risks, outputs achievements and milestones as per consortium and country-level workplans
    • Coordinate technical assistance as defined in HI's scope of work within ReLAB-HS Activity, in line with the global technical frameworks and standards on his sectorial scopeGlobal and country-level advocacy actions by AIR, rehabilitation and health system strengthening (tele-rehabilitation, economic analysis, rehabilitation services standards and governance, education and trainings for health workers); Making it Work and Inclusive developmentRecruiting consultants who provide technical assistance as per consortium workplan: drafting ToR, lead interviews, onboarding and briefing
    • Ensure technical support to ReLAB-HS team projects in line with the global technical frameworks and standards on his sectorial scope:Provide adequate technical guidance and support to Project Managers, HI rehabilitation Officers, Inclusion Officers, Communication Officers in line with strategies, standards and HI mandatory crosscutting approaches; ensure a local sectorial watch, best practice capture on his/her sectorial scope; contribute to recruitment and briefing of country team staff when necessary
    • Ensure technical learning from the Activity:Ensures regular information exchange based on fact sheets or other sharing tools developed by ReLAB-HS consortium within ReLAB-HS teams and across all relevant HI departmentsResearch, learning and innovation: help ensure appropriate local planning for research and coherence between HI research agenda and methodology and ReLAB-HS research; coordinate internally research communication /dissemination strategies with ReLAB-HS. Contribute to projects' lessons learned
    • Ensure the control & monitoring of the project activities in relevance of HI's activities in ReLAB-HS under his scope
    • Contribute to the development of research and innovation components as part of the ReLAB-HS strategy:Suggest and promote innovation within ReLAB-HS scope, adapted to the countries' priorities and capacities; identify the priorities of Research and Studies and steer R&S
    • Contribute to the HI Technical Divisions professional channel developmentContribute to the global development of the professional channels under his sectorial scope under the leadership of the Technical Divisions (HI communities of practice)Promote the professional development and carrier development of ReLAB-HS Technical Officers, in particular in the area of health system strengthening
    • Contributes to the regional strategies in line with the global strategiesProvides sectorial technical inputs to the STRATOPs of the Programmes under his scope and in his sectorial scope, in line with the global STRATECH and ensure relevant follow upMission 3 : Operational management
    • Under the supervision on Operations Manager, oversee the proper implementation of the project, in close collaboration with the project Manager (in country) and team and in line with general standards and proceduresAssist country teams in planning, implementation and reporting of the project activities in accordance with the consortium workplan guidance and the allocated budget.

    In close collaboration with the Pakistan Technical Unit and the HI MEAL managers, ensures that HI's quality standards (including technical ones) are applied in the project and follows up the implementation of recommendations resulting from evaluations, support missions and auditsEnsure compliance with the donor's rules and respect of contractual commitments: consolidation, control and reporting to his/her operation manager and Consortium Director of Operations of operational and organizational elements (management charts, corrective measures, consumption of own funds, beneficiaries' data, etc.)With the support of the HI Operation manager and MEAL Unit, deploys and implements all appropriate tools to enable project monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning in compliance with HI policies and frameworks and in accordance with ReLAB-HS consortium MEAL coordinatorEnsure the budget planning and follow up in close coordination with project managers and finance units to ensure alignment with donor budget line with the donor budget and the planned activities together with the OM review and comment the monthly budget follow-up in order to share main variations to the consortium and HI.Facilitates internal audits (operational, financial and organizational) and ensures the implementation of their recommendations in his/her area of responsibility.

    • Support data management of the project:Oversees the work of the ReLAB-HS MEAL officer in ensuring that data related to the project are collected and compiled in the project database for HI and are aligned with consortium MEAL plans and progress reviews.
    Carries out regular verifications and makes any necessary corrections in the activity database

    • Coordination & partnership managementResponsible for updating and implementing the governance schemes for his/her project ( RACI and coordination mechanisms / tools)Facilitates internal coordination between his/her team, country teams, all relevant services (Operations Managers, Shared Services, Technical and MEAL Teams...)Ensure external coordination with all relevant consortium partners and facilitate effective communication mechanismsActively participate to PMT meetings organized by the consortium lead for Pakistan,Ensures the overall management of partnerships / consortium partners and related contractual documents (partnership agreements, MoU, amendments, reports...)
    • Contribute to steering organization transformation, in particular through managerial and work practice change and continuous improvement of working processesEnsures regular communication about the Activity, innovative approaches promoted in country and globally to HI HQ and technical divisionsEnsures documentation and transfer of learnings about operation management procedures within the consortium set up with country teams and HI regional desks
    • Develops HI's external influence (forums, operational & strategic alliances, etc.) and the organization's external representation (events, media) in its area of responsibility.represent HI vis-à-vis local, national, traditional, political and diplomatic authorities and bodies; and international organizations and coordination mechanisms & system.
    Relay messages of HI global advocacy to all relevant external parties.

    Contributes to HI's external influence by participating in relevant networksCommunicates on the project to partners, authorities and stakeholders when relevantMission 4 :
    Emergency Preparedness and Response Responsibilities

    • Contributes to emergency preparedness actions in his/her department and, in case of emergency, provides inputs to the Operations Managers to review priorities of the team according to the humanitarian imperative, in order to ensure HI's quick and efficient response.
    Contribute to the development of opportunities or new projects in the scope of ReLAB-HS

    • Contribute to the context analysis in his sectorial scope
    • Contributes to the design and writing of new projects in the region and when asked in other countries within the Geographic Division
    • Identify & transform major opportunities in the region linked to ReLAB-HS scope
    • support the Operation manager to identify & develop local or regional partnerships with NGOs, Institutions, Companies on technical priorities or areas of collaboration relevant to the ActivityThe position is based in Islamabad with frequent travels within Pakistan provinces of project implementation.

    For security reasons, travel and walking are limited in the field in Pakistan, and the expatriate might be cantoned to his/her residence.

    In Islamabad one can go to most areas, walking is allowed during daytime, restricted at night. Islamabad offers a number of recreational and leisure activities, and hosts an important concentration of expatriates. Some outdoor activities are accessible such as climbing, paragliding, biking, carting, etc. Before participating in activities, security rules need to be checked and followed. Persons should adjust to cultural norms and practices. Security remains a concern in Pakistan and additional security restrictions can be imposed at any moment.
    Working hours will be adapted for some consortium meetings due to difference in time zones

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