Zohaib Shabir Saeedi

Zahir Pir, Rahīmyār Khān District

About me:

I am a Lead Field Service Mechatronics Engineer having a rich experience of Instrumentation, Control and Mechanical Systems in well-known Services Providing Company for Oil & Gas Sectors. My Main expertise are to Lead Installation, Commissioning, Startups, Troubleshooting, Operation and Maintenance of Engine/Motor Driven Gas Compressor Packages locally & internationally. These Packages are normally designed for Gas Lift, Wellhead Compression, Gas Gathering, CNG, Pipeline transmission, Gas Injection, Fuel Gas Booting, Casing Vapor Recovery, Power Generation units, Fertilizer Plants, Chemical Plants and Power Plants.


I have been graduated as Mechatronics Engineer from National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan.


I have Local and international both experience in Oil & Gas Sector.  As a Lead Field Service Mechatronics Engineer, completed installation, Commissioning, Startups, Troubleshooting, Operation and Maintenance of 10 MMCFD to 105 MMCFD Gas Compressor Packages in Oil & Gas Fields, Fertilizer Plants, LNG Plants and Chemical Plants. 


Social Networks

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zohaibshabir/

What kind of projects is Zohaib Shabir Saeedi looking for?

Installation, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance and troubleshooting of Rotating Machines like Engine & Motor Driven reciprocating Compressors.

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