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Dear Madam/Sir,

I am writing in regard to your job opening as an Electrical Engineer. As a candidate with extensive experience in Power system/DG maintenance , I am highly skilled in Diesel Generators, ATS, Sync Panels, Transformers, Distribution System, HT switchgear, HVAC, Precision cooling, UPS/Rectifiers and associated battery banks, Hybrid system, SLD, grounding system and project execution as per stipulated documents. My solid background in this field has allowed me to manage teams with exceptional performance.  

The opportunity to join Organization greatly interests me because working since more than 15 years. As a holder of Degree Electrical I can competently execute JDs. I believe that I would make a valuable asset to your team and I offer my resume for your review.

As per my professional summary, my qualities and experience make me highly suitable for the role of Power Engineer. I am highly regarded for Transferable Skills. I am proficient in Power Systems installed at heavy industries, Core facilities, Data center facilities, MGW, BSC, HUB, BTS and multi stories building,

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated the highest levels of service and commitment to the mission of any organization. Thus, if you are looking for an organized Electrical expert you are welcome to contact me to arrange an interview. I am eager to learn more about how your organization can benefit from my contribution. I thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


Zeeshan Niaz




  • Bachelor of technology in Electrical from Preston University Pakistan.
  • Diploma of Associate Engineering in Electrical from Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore, Pakistan.



  • Sr. Executive Technical Support/Assistant Project Leader at Huawei Technologies from Dec 2015 to Present at Pakistan.


  • Responsible of smooth operation, installation and commissioning, expansion and PM/CM activities of Power and Environmental entities at Data center and Core locations.
  • Transformers & 11KV Switchgears System. Diesel Generators  L.T, ATS, MOR, Main DB Panels 

Air Conditioning System. Grounding System. Fire Suppression and detection System.

  • Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Contactors & Other Protection Systems 
  • Rectifier, UPS, Inverters and associated battery banks   
  • External Alarms System
  • Ensure activities should be performed according to SLA.
  • Accumulate updates of core sites form all regions of Pakistan and prepare CM consolidate report to share with customer and Huawei management on daily basis.
  • Supervise OPEX report. 
  • Perform Battery Banks health and discharge test on core locations.
  • Nationwide coordination with teams/Assist to National Manger as team lead and makes report on ongoing issues. E2E follow up.
  • Prepare and share plan monthly quarterly, bi annual and ensure execution as per SOP. 
  • Achieve KPI.
  • Ensure network availability.



  • Sr. Executive Technical support Power and Environment at Pakistan Mobile Telecommunication Limited (Etisalat) from July 2013 to Nov 2015 in Lahore.
    1. Transformers & 11KV Switchgears System. 
    2. Diesel Generators 
    3. L.T, ATS, MOR, Main DB Panels 
    4. Air Conditioning System
    5. Grounding System 
    6. Fire Suppression System  
    7. Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Contactors & Other Protection Systems 
    8. Rectifier, UPS, Inverters and associated battery banks 
    9. External Alarms System


  • To ensure network availability as per assigned KPI.
  • Responsible to execute Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance of Power & Environment entities at core locations BTS, BSCs MSC/MGW.
  • Following are the entities covered under preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and operation.
  • Responsible to ensure effective implementation of SOP at BSCs ,MSC/MGW Locations.
  • Battery health/ discharge test and replace week/faulty cells.
  •  Responsible to ensure all activities should be executed as per stipulated documents work instructions.
  •  Conduct survey for new requirement and upcoming installation. Engage vendors to perform routine and emergency activities.
  • Make sure smooth operation of above mentioned equipment. 
  • To check appropriateness of all Outdoor/Tower installations.
  • To ensure the maintenance & tracking of spares & R&R.
  • To ensure proper coordination with vendor and sub-contractor and to provided support where required. 
  • Ensure ATPs are conducted as per test protocols, procedures defined in SOPs and proper maintenance of ATP database.
  • Ensure effective enforcement of organization’s HSE and QA/QC policies.     
  • Conduct sites audit and take necessary steps for improvement of system. 
  • Fuel bench marking of core locations.
  • Prepare documentation for recertification of ISO 9001:2008.
  • Conduct training of manning staff where necessary. 
  • Prepare RCA of incidents and take corrective action.


  • Team Lead at Zhongxing Telecom Pakistan (ZTE) from July 2012 to Apr 2013.


  • Prepare plan of DG, Air Cons PM, Fueling and make sure execution as per plan.
  • Ensure network availability 24/7.
  • Follow up with CM and refueling teams to minimize outages.
  • Prepare plan for refueling of sites.
  • Prepare reports of activities on daily basis, weekly, monthly and share with all stakeholders.
  • Prepare GLO/ BSB tracker and update to stakeholders.
  • To insure fuel saving at Gadgets sites.
  • To insure fuel alarm monitoring and take action as per requirement.
  • Monitor alarms and coordination with other teams.
  • To insure commercial power issues rectification in timely.
  • Take up security issues with security teams and its follow up.
  • Conduct joint visits at sites with security teams and operation team for bench marking and for other issues.
  • To insure timely movements refueling of teams.
  • To insure perform activities as per SLA.
  • To ensure network availability as per assigned KPI.
  •  Resource management in case of new hiring.
  • To insure implementation of HSE policies.   


  • Regional Manager Core locations at Telenor project CII Extreme Engineering Solutions (PVT) Ltd July 2011 to June 2012, Pakistan.


  • To insure smooth operation of core locations.
  • Ensure that network availability KPIs are met per assigned targets.
  • To insure daily checking of DGs 250kva to 1000kva ratings.
  • Prepare plan of air conditions PM and execution.
  • Make sure timely refueling of DGs.
  • Prepare quarterly PM plan of Panels, transformer, earthing, raise floor and insure implementation.
  • To make sure timely PM activities of DGs. 
  • Store audit of DGs vendor and make sure arrangements of necessary parts.
  • To insure proper alarms working.
  • Generate TT# and close it as per SLA for CM activities.
  • To insure faulty rectification timely.
  • Prepare daily, weekly and activity report and share to customer
  • Supervision of fire extingsure system’s PM/CM activities installed at core locations.
  • Responsible for meeting the targets assigned by management.
  • To identify, escalate & resolve issues that cause or likely to cause any deviation in meeting assigned targets.
  • Prepare monthly demands of consumable, parts and share to concerns and follow up for availability.



  • Operation Officer Power Infrastructure at Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) Pakistan from June 2010 to June 2011.



  • Perform PM/CM activities of DC power systems installed at MGWs, BSCs, BTS sites. 

(Rectifiers, Inverters, Battery banks, UPS)

  • Monitor PM/CM activities of DGs and ACs installed at MGWs.
  • Ensure quarterly PM of fire system installed at MGWs. 
  • To ensure completion of PM cycle in timely of BTS, HUBs, DWDMs, BSCs.
  • Conduct audit of sites for verification of PM/CM activities and make sure quality work as per standard.  
  • Ensure that network availability KPIs are met per assigned targets.
  • Conduct store visits of subcon and make sure availability of parts and share report to concerns.
  • Address the root cause of outages and make strategy to overcome issues.
  • Monitor daily alarms and take actions as per necessary.
  • Monitor GEM installation, operation and perform trouble shooting where necessary. 
  • Analysis of fuel consumption and forward to security teams if discrepancies.
  • Ensure installation proper quantity of rectifies at sites.
  • Ensure standard OH of DGs from subcon, after OH conduct joint visit with TP and subcon for acceptance.
  • Verification of parts and invoices. 
  • To ensure timely rectification of commercial power issues. 
  • To ensure HSE compliance.
  • Conduct weekly meeting with sub-con and client.
  • Officer Field Operation Power Infrastructure at Telenor Pakistan June 2009 to Jun 2010.                                                                                 



  • Ensure that network availability KPIs are met per assigned targets.
  • Supervision to PM/CM activities of AC and DC system installed at MGWs, BSCs, DWDM, HUB and BTS sites.
  • Make sure quality work.
  • Maintain appliances in healthy condition installed at MGWs. 
  • Conduct audit of sites for PM/CM activities and share reports to concerns.
  • Share report of audit and follow up issues rectification.
  • Monitor refueling activities.
  • Verification of OH list shared from subcon.
  • After OH conduct joint visit for acceptance and share report.
  • Tracking of snags.
  • Supervision of civil works.
  •  Take up security issues with security team. 
  • Conduct the meeting with NSN and subcon to achieve better TCH availability.
  • Conduct store audit of subcon.
  • To ensure quality parts replacements at sites.
  • Monitor commercial issues, suggestion for new installation, conduct survey and make sure quality work.
  • Verification of parts and invoices. 


  • Supervisor Electrical Operation and maintenance at Wincom (Warid Telecom) in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

From July 2008 to June 2009.


  • Supervision of preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance of BTS, HUB and BSC sites of region (500 sites). 
  • Ensure activities as per SLA.
  • Ensure that network availability KPIs are met per assigned targets.
  • Conduct meetings with sub-con and customer, to identify, escalate & resolve issues that cause or likely to cause any deviation in meeting assigned targets.
  •  Monitor commercial power issues and rectification. 
  • Monitor VTDC installation and operation.
  • Monitor refueling activites.
  • Follow up with teams to close outages. 
  • Troubleshoot and support to teams where necessary.


  • Service Engineer in Hightech Electric Engineering & Services from Oct 2006 to March 2008 at Islamabad, Pakistan.


  • Supervision of operation and maintenance issues and provide backup support where necessary. 
  • Managing teams (70 to 80 guys), cash arrangement, vehicles and transportation issues.
  • Preparing demand of parts for monthly O&M activities and insure timely delivery.
  • Conduct meetings with customers Waird, Wateen World call and Banks.  


  • As Supervisor in Shakarganj Mills Ltd. Jhang, Pakistan

From Oct 2004 to Oct 2006. 

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