Usman Javaid

Usman Javaid

Rawalpindi, ضِلع راولپِنڈى

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About me:

Seeking the job of a 11th and 12th-grade Biology teacher in a challenging environment where my outstanding expertise to execute the curriculum range and continuity required and adopted by the school governing board will be fully utilized.


Doctor of Pharmacy                                   
Hamdard University 


Punjab College - Islamabad
Biology Teacher
• Preparing and delivering engaging biology lessons to students from different backgrounds, who all have different interests and abilities.
• Monitoring student performance, and adjusting teaching strategies and techniques for improved content delivery.
• Establishing classroom, laboratory, and field trip rules and ensuring all students understand and accept them.
• Setting up exams, assessments, and experiments in accordance with curriculum requirements and standards of the state and district.
• Communicating any student issues to parents, counselors, and other relevant staff members.
• Attending school events, club meetings, and staff meetings as required.
• Representing the school at conferences, workshops, and other networking events.
• Coming up with suggestions to improve the Biology Department and general school operations.
• Building rapport with students so that they feel comfortable and safe discussing sensitive topics in class.
• Encouraging students to participate in science fairs, competitions, and expos, and preparing them for these events.
• Instruct students in large classroom settings as well as small groups to expand knowledge of scientific method and biological sciences

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Biology Teacher

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