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Peshawar, Peshāwar District

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My name is Muhammad Tariq khan.I am a renal dialysis technician and have 11 years of experience in my field still on job.40 years i old and from Pakistan.


2 years Diploma in renal dialysis technology.






1#setup and operates hemodialysis machines to provide dialysis
treatment 2#Attach dialyzer tubing to assemble for use. 3#Mix
Dialysate according to formula. 4#Prime Dialyzer with saline or
heparinzed solution to prepare machine for use. 5#Hemo dialysis
monitoring during dialysis session. 6#explain dialysis procedure and
operation hemodialysis machine to patient before treatment to allay
anxieties. 7#Clean area of access Fistula,Graft or Catheter using anti
septic solution. 8#Connect hemodialysis machine to access in patient
forearm or catheter site. 9#Inspect equipment settings,including
pressures,conductivity proportion of chemicals to water and
temperature to make sure conformance to safety standers. 10#Start
dialysis procedure as prescribed by Nephrologist. 11#Inspect venous
arterial pressures as registered on equipment to make sure the
pressures are within established limits. 12#Monitor patient for adverse
reactions and hemodialysis machine for malfunction. 13#Keeping
records and documentation of post dialysis weight,temperature,blood
pressure,pulse rate and respiration rate. 14#May fabricates parts,like
cannulas,catheters, tubing,connectors, and fitting using hand tools.

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