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  1. An experienced, motivated professional with an extensive background in SAP Basis, SAP Security and GRC seeks to join a challenging team to contribute to its success. SAP Consultant over 7 years in SAP Security and GRC spanning across implementation and support projects. I have gained substantial experience in business process mapping, configuration, enhancement and post implementation support in SAP.
  • Installation & configuration of Linux SUSE 15 SP 3 with S/4HANA 2020, HDB, HDB STUDIO, SWPM per client’s specifications.
  • Created RFC Connections for SAP GRC connectors for all satellite systems.
  • SAP ERP Skills SAP ECC 6.0 EHP8, SAP NetWeaver GUI 720,730,750,760 SAP GRC 10x, 12.
  • Installation of support packs using SPAM, SAINT, Applying ADD-ONs and various SNOTES.
  • Configuring and maintaining the Transport Management System, Client Administration and Copy Client.
  • Operating System Linux, UNIX, Windows Server 2008 R2, 12, 16, 19 Database Installation SAP HANA, Oracle 12c.
  • Good Knowledge of Virtualization concept such as Virtual Box, VMware, Hyper-V, VMware ESXi.
  • Downloading and Installing the Patches, Kernels and Performed Kernel Upgrade.
  • Performed Post SAP Installation Activities and GRC 12 Configuration.
  • Executing system safety and software upgrades regularly. Plan execute and follow up SAP projects successfully.
  • Excellent Knowledge of User Administration, Role Administration & Security Policies. Background Jobs scheduling, monitoring and deletion.
  • Manage User Administration Utilizing SU01 and SU10, efficient usage of SE16; SUIM to retrieve data and SU24 to enable / disable security checks on audit and going through the audit reports.
  • Supported GRC AC 10x and 12 involving ARA, ARM, BRM and EAM modules.
  • Activated BC sets for AC 10x and 12, Creating and maintaining connectors.
  • GRC Access Risk Analysis: Configuration, setting up rule sets, creating and assigning Mitigating controls to users and roles using the multiple systems options, assigning a mitigation control to multiple risks, user mitigation across systems and rule ID’s, defining approval workflow for function maintenance.
  • GRC Emergency Access Management: Configuration, assigning owners to FFIDs, Assigning FFID to controllers and Fire-Fighter users, Creating Reason Codes.
  • Excellent Knowledge of parameters using RZ10/RZ11.


  • SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Access Control 12.0
  • SAP Certified Technology Associate - System Administration (SAP HANA as a Database) With SAP NetWeaver 7.5
  • SAP Certified Technology Specialist - SAP S/4HANA Conversion and SAP System Upgrade
  • SAP Certified Technology Associate - OS/DB Migration for SAP NetWeaver 7.52
  • SAP Certified Technology Professional - System Security Architect
  • SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Fiori System Administration
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Essentials
  • Basic IT Essential
  • MS Office Certification in Summer Camp
  • First Position in Quiz Competition
  • Second Position in word power Competition
  • ACNS-Semester 1 HARDWARE and NETWORK ACADEMY (AHANA) Study Digital Electronics, CompTIA A+ Essentials (220-801), CompTIA A+ IT Technician (220-802), Network+ (N10-005), CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security, MCSA


  2. REV Group Decatur IN (SAP Security & GRC Consultant)                              May 2020-Aug 2021
  • User administration (creating, maintaining, deleting user accounts and assigning roles) managing user login Parameters and passwords with RZ10 and RZ11.
  • Under risk analysis and remediation, performed user and role analysis to identify existing SOD violations risk.
  • Using ARA produced analytical Reports on User, Role and Profile.
  • Performed Remediation and mitigation against various risks associated with Role and Users.
  • User administration includes authorization and profile maintenance.
  • Reviewed the GRC ruleset and updated the ruleset quarterly to include new changes in the SU24 data, addition of new objects introduced during enhancement pack upgrades and to include new objects.
  • Updated Role owners / approvers in the GRC CUP requests, redirected role owners/approvers in case of incorrect information and coordinated over HIGH and CRITICAL risks and Role approvers for risk remediation.
  • Performed Weekly Firefighter audit review that includes analyzing the report for proper ticket information on the usage, sending reports to firefighter owners for their re-confirmation over the usage of the firefighter ID's by users and updating the Audit repository over the firefighter owner’s response.
  • Created RFC connections for new Firefighter ID’s maintained and monitored the firefighter access and maintained the table entries for activation of Firefighter ID's with respect to Owners approvals.
  • Run user reports on a weekly basis over GRC risk analysis for Critical and High risks. Evaluating false positives for Critical and High risks and remediating true Critical and High risks with respect to the User report.
  • Configured Security administration activities for GRC 12.0, uploaded customized GRC rule-set, configured ARA, ARM, BRM, EAM, performed Role sync for satellite systems, configured ARM workflow for requesting approvals and access privileges and configured Firefighter EAMfor Super-privilege access.
  • Identified business processes, analyzed SOD violations of individual business processes and recommended redesign structure of roles based on SOD violations to minimize the Security risks.
  • Performed User Access Risk Analysis, drafted a report on active and inactive users and recommended business for a redesign approach over user management.
  • Added mitigation control in GRC over Role management and User Access based on business decision.
  2. Growmark Bloomington IL (SAP Security & GRC Consultant)                              Jan 2019- Mar 2020
  • Monitoring of ruleset, maintaining critical roles and profiles, creation of mitigation control and running and sod risk analysis reports
  • Creating mitigation controls for customized risks as per business process owners and auditor’s suggestions, Assigning mitigation controls to users.
  • Performed user & Role analysis to find the existing SOD violation of users and roles.
  • Scheduling background jobs for synchronizing authorization into Access control Repository and monitoring the jobs.
  • Creating Fire fighter-id with Emergency access. Mapping firefighter-id’s to Firefighters for a limited period with proper approvals.
  • Prepared business plans, project plans for system installation, configuration, Planning and designing.
  • Lead team of six from forefront by evaluating the project scope and complexity, system strategies, software selection and successfully deliver the project with installation and configuration of the SAP systems.
  • Generating the MSMP workflow related business rules and defining the business rule framework by using BRF+ workbench. Customizing and maintain the MSMP workflows for Access control.
  • Implementation of global SAP role structure, including standard business role, global process roles, derived roles and associated SAP security process.
  • Maintaining access control owners and change the approvers when they leave the organization. Performed simulation for proactive SOD analysis.
  • Performed configuration settings for Access risk Analysis (ARA), Emergency Access management (EAM) and maintaining.
  • Handling of tickets based on priority by using remedy and workbench tool.
  • Assist security team with role level, risk analysis when needed related to creating/ updating and provisional roles including user access validations and identifying false positives.
  • Manage entire project in timely manner to meet deadlines.
  2. Data Cognitics Corp Virginia (Basis and Security Consultant)                     Oct 2016 – Nov 2018
  • Performed SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 8.0 Installation on Windows Server 2016.
  • Installing SAP GUI 7.50. Performed Post Installing Activities.
  • Client Creation, Local Client Copy, Remote Client Copy, Client Export & Client Import Spool Administrator.
  • Daily handling of security related Change Requests and providing appropriate decisions on issues, prioritization and assignment.
  • Identify and schedule the batch jobs for user, role and authorization sync.
  • Configured MSMP workflows for different user provisioning scenarios like New, Change, Terminate, Lock and Unlock user accounts
  • Generated profile, SU24 change to Authorization Objects Creating Authorization Groups, Analysis of Critical Authorizations Tables, Analyzing Missing Authorizations and security support
  • Role creation Single, Composite, Master and Derived as per the specification documents.
  • User management using SU10, Authentication and assigning Roles accordingly Configure SAP GRC Access Control Suite to work with existing systems and applications.
  • Implementation of User Access Review and Access Request Manager Components.
  • Transfer user data from another user and assigning roles in independent R/3 systems as per client requirement.
  • Copying from SAP standard roles transporting roles from development system to quality and finally into production systems Deleting roles.
  • Authorization Profiles: Generating authorization profiles, inserting missing authorizations, maintaining open authorization fields and organizational values,              ST01 trace.
  • Knowledge of producing and analyzing reports in SAP using SUIM, SE16, SE16N and security related tables AGR*, USR*, UST*, USH* And SUIM reports
  2. Information Consultants Corporation, VA (Security & GRC Analyst)       Aug 2015–Aug  2016
  • Security Administrator and Troubleshoot Authorization issues
  • Role Administrator, Assignment, Creation, modifications, Mapping and design
  • GRC Access Request Monitoring and Troubleshooting Defect Resolution
  • Worked with SAP AC Components (ARA, ARM, BRM, EAM)
  • Identified SOD and sensitive access risk pertinent to the organization. Analyzed Access Risk Analysis reports
  • Developed and implemented a plan to address the violations (Remediation / Mitigation)
  • Configured Elevated Access functionality in EAM and develop firefighter roles as required
  • Reviewing firefighter logs for user access for sensitive transactions
  • Worked with MSMP Workflow functionality in GRC for Access Request Management and user Provisioning
  • Configured and Implemented of GRC AC 10.1 system
  • Configured BRM for security role management across landscape, including  workflows, business roles & approver management
  • Extensively used SU53 and SUIM to assign the missing authorizations to the users, tracing missing authorizations objects using SU53 and recommended appropriate roles for the end users
  • User administration Creating, Maintaining, Deleting user’s accounts and assigning roles. Managing user login parameters and passwords parameters
  • Comprehensive use of Profile Generator to generate roles and assign to end users
  • User master Record creation and modification using SU01, including complex design  restrictions
  • Created audit logs using SM18, SM19 and SM20
  4. Soft Integrated System, UAE (Junior SAP Basis and Security Analyst)       May2014 – June 2015
  • Creation, maintenance of users and locking/unlocking per approved request.
  • Maintenance and update of roles, authorizations.
  • Role creation Single, Composite, Master and Derived as per the specification documents.
  • First level support to user community on security issues and resolve.

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