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About me:

With almost a decade of teaching experience, I focus on interdisciplinary learning and development of skill set needed to foster life-long, open-minded and independent learners.
I believe students learn effectively, if taught how to reflect and apply their knowledge in the real-world, and they also learning much effectively if taught with examples from the real world and their own experiences.
I ensure that with my hacks for note taking, reading, writting, memory retention, tranfer of knowledge, research and other skills; your learning journey will be fun, interactive and engaging.


  • BE in Information Communication Systems from NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan 
  • CAT 0 &1: Implementing the MYP Science Curriculum



MYP Science Teacher (Feb, 2020–Present) at Beaconhouse School, Islamabad

Computer science teacher (May, 2013–Feb, 2014) at Community center Amsterdam

Maths, Physics, Chemistry (Mar, 2012–Jan, 2016) at Online teaching

Teacher assistant C++/C programming language (Sep, 2008–Sep, 2009) at NUST, Islamabad Pakistan

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