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About me:

I'm a biomedical research associate, and have used tools like R Studio, Python, Arduino, MATLAB, Minitab and imageJ, mainly for modelling and data analysis. I've worked in clinical environments of a number of departments such as cardiopulmonary, nuclear medicine, and oncology. My team is conducting a research on vector cardiography, currently. My role involves a number of tasks; from recording subject data to analyzing it, and designing new equipment for furthering the research into innovative prospects. In addition to being an RA, I'm specializing in artificial intelligence.


Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering


Current job

Research Associate| Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan

20/04/2021 – present

Maintaining bio-amplifiers, orthogonal leads systems, extracting digital data output, translating files, and derivation of electrocardiography leads from vector cardiograph. Designing an economic cycle ergometer for furthering the research. Communicating and cooperating with biomedical engineers, clinical staff, research collaborators, and patients.

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