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Latest PPHI Jobs in Sindh

According to the official website:

PPHI Sindh, established as a not-for-profit organization under Section 42 of The Companies Act 2017 (formerly The Companies Ordinance, 1984), holds NPO (Not for Profit Organization) status accredited by the Pakistan Center of Philanthropists (PCP), a government-certified body. The organization operates under the governance of a Board of Directors comprised of seven highly experienced members. Additionally, it includes Secretaries to the Government of Sindh (Health, Finance, Planning & Development, and Population Welfare) as Ex-Officio Members of the Board. PPHI Sindh is registered with the Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan, as a local NGO authorized to receive foreign contributions.

PPHI embarked on its journey in 2007 in District Kashmore, expanding gradually to cover 22 districts in Sindh. Initially entrusted with this responsibility through an MoU with the Government of Sindh (GoS) and Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO), PPHI was officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) in 2013.

The primary aim of establishing this organization was the revitalization of healthcare services in rural Sindh. The immediate objective was to ensure that the health facilities under PPHI's purview operated effectively, providing healthcare services to all residents in their vicinity. A dedicated and skilled management team was deployed, vigorously pursuing this goal. Swiftly, these healthcare facilities secured regular doctor and staff attendance and consistent medical supply availability.

Thanks to PPHI Sindh's persistent efforts, healthcare indicators, particularly those related to infant and maternal mortality, have consistently improved. PPHI Sindh has placed a strong emphasis on maternal and child health, enhancing delivery coverage across Sindh. The organization has established 24/7 maternity homes, ensuring accessible healthcare services.

Currently, PPHI manages 1,174 healthcare facilities in 22 districts, serving as the primary healthcare providers in rural Sindh. Many of these facilities are equipped with labor rooms and ultrasound machines, staffed by female doctors and PPHI-trained midwives, even in remote regions. Medications and laboratory tests are provided free of charge to all patients.

I usually follow this website for PPHI Jobs. You can also explore to find the latest jobs here.

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